John Hanrath has been working with individuals who have drug and alcohol problems for over 25 years. In 1999, John assisted in his first intervention with Father Bob Young at Intervention Helpline and has never looked back. The therapeutic approach they developed combines the Johnston Institute and the Recovery Now models. Through the loving process of intervention, John has successfully assisted hundreds of families inspire their loved to seek recovery. Offering a proven process to help the intervention team and your loved one overcome the cycle of denial, John locates an appropriate treatment program for level of care necessary. He also assists the family with solutions for healing anger issues, betrayal and those conflicts that have been driving a wedge in your relationship.

John is a skilled interventionist who carefully assesses the needs of the family, and their loved one, identifies a treatment plan that is able to fulfill the needs of the addicted, and establishes strategies for family support during and after the intervention process. He has learned to customize each intervention to fit the needs of his clients for the best chance of success.

Mr. Hanrath has taught classes on intervention at the University of Alaska – Anchorage, given presentations to psychologists and counselors in order to expand their knowledge of addiction and how to successfully facilitate an intervention.

John has offices in Arizona and Alaska.

John has successfully helped hundreds of families guide their loved ones into treatment through the loving process of intervention
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