We receive a wide variety of calls from alcoholic/addicts, concerned family members, friends and others searching for help with alcohol and drug problems. Because each call is very important to us, our focus is providing the caller with whatever assistance we can offer to help create a solution. 907.272.1174
A deliberate process by which change is introduced into a person’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Learn more about our Intervention Solutions.
Intervention Helpline has lists of local, state and national agencies that provide community resources and assistance, along wihth schedules for local recovery meetings in Anchorage.
After meeting with a client, we will recommend an appropriate program of recovery. We will also assist them in facilitating their admittance to treatment, travel arrangements, etc. – basically whatever is necessary.
Intervention Helpline has established excellent working relationships with over fifty treatment facilities and detox centers. Because we are not affiliated with any one center or facility, we are able to find the option that best suits our client’s needs. We only recommend treatment facilities based on our knowledge of their operation; many of which we have personally visited. We are highly skilled at using our excellent resources to find ‘no charge’ treatment for clients who do not have the ability to pay.
A costumed character that Intervention Helpline uses to teach children the cycle of addiction can be broken. Freedom’s quest is to connect with children and educate them that there is help and hope from the suffering caused by the disease of alcoholism. Freedom Frog appears at school based activities like Red Ribbon Day and also makes other public appearances carrying his message of Help and Hope to everyone affected by Drugs and Alcohol.